Active Transportation Program

Bin Building C Chung Press Democrat 8.26The Active Transportation Program encourages participation of the California Conservation Corps (CCC) and Certified Local Conservation Corps (Local Corps).

In 2013, Governor Brown combined elements of federal highway legislation (MAP21) and state transportation-related funding to create the Active Transportation Program (ATP). SB 99, the implementing legislation, encourages partnerships with conservation corps programs on ATP projects by including them as one of the project selection criteria, thereby scoring applicants reflective of these partnerships.

The guidelines permit direct contracting with the local corps without bidding provided that the implementing agency demonstrates cost effectiveness per 23 CFR 635.204 and obtains approval from Caltrans. A copy of the agreement between the implementing agency and the proposed conservation corps must be included in the project application as supporting documentation.

Under MAP 21, the local corps are exempt from the federal Davis-Bacon rate wages on federally funded transportation related projects, and are permitted to perform work on federal rights-of-way. In addition, California Labor Code 1720.4 (a) (3) specifically exempts the CCC and local corps from paying corpsmembers state prevailing wages.

Who Are the Local Conservation Corps

Local Conservation CorpsLocal corps are independent, privately-run non-profit organizations serving specific communities, collectively serving approximately 2500 young people annually. There are currently 13 certified local corps located in the Inland Empire, Long Beach, East Bay area, Fresno, Los Angeles, North Bay, Orange County, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Joaquin Valley, San Jose, Sequoia, and San Diego.

The local corps, separate from the CCC (a state agency within the California Natural Resources Agency), must be certified through the CCC and meet strict requirements to operate as a certified local conservation corps and be eligible as a partner in the Active Transportation Program.

What We Do

Active Transportation Program Local Conservation CorpsLocal corps have more than 30 years of experience involving young men and women in a program that combines education, work experience, service and personal and career development activities. Both the state and local conservation corps programs promote community and environmental stewardship while helping young people achieve their potential through a disciplined program that sets high standards for participation. Conservation corps programs help manage natural resources, conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide challenging work and educational experiences for young people.

Local corps enroll young women and men, primarily ages 18-25. The corps organizes members in crews or teams of 8-15 working under the direction of a staff supervisor. Crews are dispatched in work projects, typically within a commuting distance of the corps’ center.

Through partnerships with charter schools, the local corps provide high school and career technical education. As young people progress through the corps program, they develop the ability to work as part of a team; realize what it means to show up on time and ready to work; learn to work hard; and develop a sense of confidence and a pride in their accomplishments.

Examples of Transportation-Related Projects Crews can Provide Include:

  • Sidewalk repair;
  • Sign installation;
  • Irrigation;
  • Landscaping and tree planting;
  • Median maintenance;
  • Trail construction;
  • Urban park construction;
  • Graffiti removal;
  • Bike locker and bike rack installation;
  • Wildlife fencing;
  • Education programs;
  • And more…

What is the Process for Partnering with a corps?

Click here for a step-by-step process (pdf)

For more information refer to the ATP Conservation Corps Powerpoint.

How to Contact the Corps

California Association of Local Conservation Corps (LCC)
1121 L Street, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95814

Attn: Dominique Lofton

California Conservation Corps (CCC)
1719 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Attn: Wei Hsieh